What is Shakespeare Reloaded?

Shakespeare Reloaded is the website of the Better Strangers project. The project is a longstanding research partnership between the University of Sydney and Sydney school Barker College. As the project has evolved some of our researchers have moved to other universities so that we now have nodes at the Australian National University and James Cook University. 
Hear Better Strangers team members Liam Semler (project lead), Andrew Hood (school lead, Barker College), Jackie Manuel and Lauren Weber discuss the design, aims, evolution and outcomes of the project. We thank the University of Sydney's CREATE Centre for hosting this webinar (17 June 2021). 
Better Strangers develops fresh approaches to the teaching and learning of Shakespeare and Literary Studies at school and university. We do this by combining the experience and skills of academics and school teachers to produce educational activities for the classroom and professional development workshops. We also produce published research outputs on the theory and practice of pedagogy. Wherever possible we publish open-access versions of our ideas and activities on this website. The three main parts of the website are the pedagogical Activities, the theoretical essays in the Theory section and the Blog. We hope that Shakespeare Reloaded may contribute to revitalising educational thinking and practice at school and university.