Welcome to Shakespeare Reloaded: the blog

Welcome to the Shakespeare Reloaded blog. This is the place to keep up-todate with our latest project news, our research projects, as well as updates on various aspects of Shakespeare performance, education, and research, both in Australia and overseas. We will also be using this blog to explore new teaching activities and ideas for the classroom.

The team at Shakespeare Reloaded is interested in the interaction between theory, research, and practice. All the activities and practical ideas available here arise from our research, and our activities also feed back into our research. For us, theory and practice are mutually dependent. 

Our project is focused on research and theory, as well as teaching and learning practice. Our blog will serve as a way to keep you updated on all of this: from our latest research and newest activities, to upcoming events.

We are keen to try out new ideas - whether they are practical activities for the classroom or theoretical or philosophical concepts - so please stay tuned for these.

If you'd like to join in or start a discussion on any of the ideas raised here on Shakespeare Reloaded, please connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We're keen to connect and communicate with those interested in Shakespeare education, both in Australia and overseas, and we look forward to your suggestions, feedback, and comments.

The team is delighted to welcome you to the Shakespeare Reloaded Blog - keep in touch!