Run your own Bard Blitz

If you are interested in running a Bard Blitz at your school, university or elsewhere, you’ll find everything you need here. (Or, download the full guide here.)

Feel free to modify the Blitz to suit your context and varied student groups.

We have selected five extracts from Hamlet and provided accompanying material on these. However, you may prefer to select your own extracts from the play or whichever text you are teaching. This exercise is easily adaptable to other texts – try it with the poetry of Chaucer, Coleridge, Keats or Wordsworth.

If you do run a Bard Blitz, we'd be delighted to receive feedback on the activity and how it was used or modified.

If you would like more information on the Bard Blitz, you can read more about it in Liam Semler’s article, ‘The Shakespeare Reloaded Bard Blitz’, and his book, Teaching Shakespeare and Marlowe (pp. 66-78).