About the pilot program

The Shakespeare Imaginarium pilot ran in 2013 for four weeks, and involved 15 teachers from seven schools. Each session was led by a Shakespeare Reloaded team member.

Watch the video to hear team member Andrew Hood discuss the teacher's perspective on the Imaginarium experience:

Participants in the pilot Imaginarium commented that:

"It was such a rich balance of thought, academia, conversation and inspiration."

"The opportunity to look at Shakespeare away from the ‘program’ and the ‘syllabus’ and the ‘Curriculum’—to enjoy it as an adult but also, to take away observations from the readings about how students think and learn and little odd things like the value of rehearsals—stuff we would never have the time or opportunity to discuss in the staffroom.... It has given time and opportunity for ideas about teaching, and sharing our love of Shakespeare, to develop in new directions."

"I really appreciated the spontaneity of the conversation. I felt genuinely inspired and took a new buzz to my classroom."

"It was wonderful to have the opportunity to engage with other teachers not just as a forum to discuss the texts and teaching strategies but to look at the value of these texts in a broader social and educational context."

"Intellectual conversation for an extended period of time to really consider not only the texts but their application on a practical level."

"Sharing ideas with other inspired teachers was wonderful."

"I have already used some of the ideas and readings from the sessions. The opportunity to meet and talk to teachers from other schools who are interested in new approaches to Shakespeare (and other things) was refreshing."

"It created a place to re-inspire and re-invigorate why we/I teach and what my goals for my students are."

"A time for reflection and exploration."