Run your own Imaginarium

Would you like to refresh your thinking about Shakespeare’s plays and how to teach them? We’ve developed the Online Shakespeare Imaginarium to help you do just that. It is made up of four workshops:

Workshop 1. Hamlet and potential: refusing closure

Workshop 2. Richard III and ethics: playing evil

Workshop 3. The Tempest and emotion: feeling politics

Workshop 4. Julius Caesar and emergence: speaking reality

This online guide provides you with:

You can access the entire guide online here, or download all material and instructions here.

There are several ways you could use this material. You could simply read over and reflect on the resources provided in the Workshop Information Packs. Or, a more exciting and beneficial approach would be to get together a group of educators (preferably from different institutions) in your local area. Using the Five Principles of Imaginaria to guide you, set up a weekly time and meet for four weeks to explore the Imaginarium collaboratively.

Are you game to give it a try? Please get in touch if you have questions or feedback! We’d love to hear how it goes.