Shakespeed is a fast-paced gamified learning experience. The game is a short version of Shakeserendipity

This pilot of Shakespeed is based on exploring The Tempest. Players flip cards and find brief content that is engaging, unpredictable and thought-provoking.

The aim of the game is to stimulate new thinking about Shakespeare and how we learn. That thinking might be analytical or creative - or both combined. What connections can you make between the cards you flip and The Tempest? You'll need to use your brain and imagination! What do these unexpected connections teach you about Shakespeare's play or how you might understand or reinterpret it? 
We think of Shakespeed as trialling an 'unflipped classroom' model of teaching and learning because it requires no pre-reading of materials outside class time. You only need to know the play and be up for a challenge. To play, you simply flip a card, view its content, and begin considering or discussing the ideas raised and how they expand your view of The Tempest. It works best in groups!
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