Cambridge Elements Series

We are delighted to announce the new Cambridge Elements Series 'Shakespeare and Pedagogy,' edited by Better Strangers project leader Liam Semler and Gillian Woods, is open for business! The editors are seeking submissions of innovative scholarship of 20,000-30,000 words for peer-reviewed publication. This collection synthesises theory and practice, with original pieces of research as well as dynamic, practical engagements with learning contexts. It aims to facilitate explorations, interventions and provocations:
  • Explorations deliver extended, research-based analyses and pursuits of ideas, processes and practices.
  • Interventions present practical engagements with learning contexts, may involve teachers or practitioners as collaborators, and will speak in direct terms to real teaching situations.
  • Provocations offer critiques of practice and policy, reimagined or reoriented approaches, propositions of alternatives and urgent manifestoes.
Submissions might fall into one of these categories or represent a blend of them.
Elements published so far include:
For more information please view the flyer.