The Shakespeare Reloaded team is excited to announce the development of a new Shakespeare game, to be launched soon on our website.
The new game, Shakeserendipity, is designed for teachers and students. It can be used in the classroom or for professional development.
Shakeserendipity was originally piloted as a live workshop earlier in 2015, and since then we have been working on transforming the live event into a digital game with the help of website designers Digital Garden.
Shakeserendipity will be open-access – like all Shakespeare Reloaded material – and will feature four different games. Each game centres on a single play. The plays are: The Tempest; Richard III; Julius Caesar; and Twelfth Night.
Keep an eye on our website and social media (Facebook and Twitter) for updates as we get closer to the launch of Shakeserendipity.